i’m giving everybody on my dash one last chance and the next time i see a basic ass anon they sent to themselves just to let off steam i’m blocking bitches like a game of tetris 

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reblog my selfie for a chance to win my selfie on your blog 

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August Alsina looks like a black Jafar I can’t deal

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imsosickofjustinbieber replied to your post “imsosickofjustinbieber replied to your post:bruh i can’t fuck wit…”

whatever lolol that’s why i continue to lose weight and eat good food you stick with that nasty food that gives you the shits then!!

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healthy food is so good for you. and it actually tastes good if you season it properly

*inserts every black meme to date*

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imsosickofjustinbieber replied to your post: when ur fave reblogs ur selfies and ta…

you’re a clown lmfao i love you, and your teeth are gorgeous bye


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bruh i can’t fuck wit justin he eat that healthy green leafy shit 

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when ur fave reblogs ur selfies and tags #cutie!!!!

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Class was fun today

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justinbieber: Lol chef bieber

nigga thinks he’s gordon ramsay now